Andy Pitlik is a steel artisan who creates steel and metal sculptures, wall hangings, installations and gates. His creativity expresses itself in the line, colour and texture of one of the hardest materials on earth.          

Andy chases his vision for a piece with dogged determination until what is in his mind becomes a reality. His craftsmanship has come from his father. A hard-working man who migrated to Australia as a refugee from Slovakia, his dad worked for Holden making custom tools.  Tools take precision, care and of course metalwork craftsmanship to make.  Andy has taken those skills handed down from his father and set fire to them with his creativity.


He has created a collection of artworks that transform any space indoors or out.                 

Andy began to pursue his art when he moved from the city to the Victorian Goldfields. The Scarsdale property was at one time a Chinese settlement during the Goldrush era. Small pieces of Chinese ceramics are uncovered all the time around the grounds, whispering fascinating secrets of another era.                            

One day Andy was walking around the grounds when he came across an old wagon with a broken wheel from that period. The wagon sparked something in him. He took the broken wheel and created his first sculpture - Saturn.  Both the wagon and the sculpture can still be seen on the property today.                                                 


In such beautiful surrounds, filled with the warble of birds, gums and the breathtaking garden his wife has created, Andy has built his studio. It's a haven of innovation and a place of perfection in motion. Drawing inspiration from his surrounds, his talented, gregarious wife and the pieces of reclaimed and recycled metal he discovers, Andy is a force to reckoned with in the metal art field.